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The coolest funny videos site! You'll see here bike falls, cow matrix, driving pranks, hilarious sitautions, funny animals, movie spoofs and all kinds of super funny videos and movie clips for download!

The funniest videos and movie clips from
around the world! Pranks, falls, wacky animals
and all kinds of hilarious videos are right here!

Bollywood Stupid Hindi movies get spoofed!

Crazy stuff to download!

Hundreds of stupid crazy images!

The HUGE Indian jokes collection!

Please take out the Keys!

Open the Door!

Everybody Run...!


Don't Spit Here!

What's in the bag!

Don't See that in Sauna!

Big Ad!

Jump Like That!

Bad Day at Office!

Smoking Dog!

Cow Matrix!

Water Bed!


Funny Driving Prank!

Funny Monkey Video!

Super Granny!

Driving in India!

Something is Different!

Take a Bath!

Take Your Cake!

See my Butts!

Take Your Dog Otherwise...!

Can't See a Door!

Lets Play Baseball!

Blaupunkt Ad!

Funny AD!

Funny Ad!

How to Clean your room!

Drunk Driving!

Bored in the Office!

Youngest Baby Drummer!

Public Toilet!

Effect of Beer on Men!

Don't Touch My Car!

Funny Video!

Click my Photograph!

Who did That??!

What a Slide!

Here's Your Band!

Who Broke the Window!

Give me a Hug!

Dont go in that Toilet!

How is your day Going!

Penguin Fall!

Matrix Ping Pong!

Baby Actor!

Funny Videos!

Farting Baby!

Electric Shock Prank!

Man Fights a Beer!


Garbage Scare Prank!

Garbage Prank!

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